Alan Hastings - Current Research

I am currently actively working on projects on

1)  Eradication of invasive Spartina and restoration in SF Bay - funded by NSF CNH program, Joint with Ted Grosholz, Mark Lubell and Jim Sanchirico

2) Transient dynamics in ecology -  funded by Army Research Office

3) Using ideas from statistical physics to investigate dynamics of spatial ecological systems - funded by NSF Inspire program, joint with Andrew Noble and Jon Machta

4) Highly replicated spatial population dynamics in the lab with Tribolium - funded by NSF Division of Environmental Biology, joint with Brett Melbourne

5) salmon population dynamics (in collaboration with Loo Botsford)

6)  food web dynamicst

7) the design of  marine reserves

8) model fitting as a tool to undertand ecological systems (in collaboration with Mike Bonsall). 

9)  the dynamics of (spatially) coupled ecological systems

More generally I (and others in my lab) work on issues in spatial or  theoretical ecology (especially structured populations, complex dynamics, model fitting).