Alan Hastings, Professor

So you'd like to come to graduate school at UC Davis?

I have room in my lab to take on new students for the fall of 2015.  I accept graduate students through Ecology, Population Biology, or Applied Math. Prospective students should have a strong quantitative background and be interested in questions in population biology or ecology -- feel free to contact me or current or former students.  See the research page for a list of current areas of interest, though if you look at the lab member page you will see that students may work on very different projects!

I work very hard to help students to be independent, while being available as a resource, collaborator, and teacher.  I encourage students to play a very active role in choosing the project(s) that they will work on, and to take advantage of the wealth of faculty expertise available at UC Davis.  Many of my students have other faculty as co-authors on one or more of the papers that arise from their dissertation.   Even when my lab has a number of postdocs, I always work directly with all of my students.  

The best source of information, as always, is current and former students.