Current members of the Hastings Lab

Robin Decker (PhD Program, Population Biology) Robin is working on vegetation response to global change.  Robin is an NSF Predoctoral Fellow.

Gabriel Gellner (Postdoctoral investigator) Gabriel is supported by a grant from the biomathematics program of the Army Research Office, working on transient dynamics in ecology.

Kaela Vogel (PhD Program, Applied Mathematics) Kaela is interested in mathematical ecology.  Kaela is an NSF Predoctoral Fellow.

Easton White (PhD Program, Population Biology) Easton is working on seasonality.  Easton is an NSF Predoctoral Fellow.

Andrew Noble (Project scientist)
Andrew Noble
Andrew has a broad interest in the overlap between physics and ecology. Andrew is supported by an NSF INSPIRE grant where he is a co-pi.  More information is on Andrew's webpage.