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Stochasticity and variability

For almost all topics so far we have emphasized determinsitic ideas and appraoches.  Yet, stochasticity is widespread a -- a question is how important?  And what are the methods that need to be used?  We will go carefully trhough a single paper that has many useful indeas -- so take a look at the supplement as well.

Our goal will be to define various kinds of stochastic influences, and see how they affect dynamics.  We will also indicate how to develop classes of models that incorporate these ideas.

It is important to ntoe that recent advances in statistical approaches to ecological questions depend critically on well formulated stochastic models.


* means required reading

The entries in The Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology with stochasticity in the title are all very well written and worth reading -- they are lsited as Stochasiticy, XXX

* Melbourne, B.A. and Hastings, A. (2008) Extinction risk depends strongly on factors contributing to stochasticity. Nature 454:100-103.