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I will begin with an explanation of the goal and the problems.  The underlying approaches will be discussed, and the discussion will highlight the need for more detailed inclusion of econmoics and other issues.  This will also highlight some of the issues with data analysis, etc.

The first step will be to identify how to model the problem generally.

Next, basic issues of yield will be considered, then multispecies.

REFS to read: (there are many, many papers here)

Gerber, L.W., Bosford, A., Hastings, A., Possingham, H.P., Gaines, S.D., Palumbi, S.R., & Andelman, S.J. (2003) Population models for marine reserve design: A retrospective and prospective synthesis.  Ecological Applications 13:S47-S64

Hastings, A. and Botsford, L.  (1999)  Equivalence in yield from marine reserves and traditional fisheries management.  Science 284:1537-1538.

To get a broader entry into the literature, etc, see the Pew Oceans Report.